“Flow State” by C Wilson Meloncelli is an intriguing look into achieving peak performance and entering the elusive state of flow. In this program, Meloncelli draws on years of research into peak performance psychology and neuroscience to provide a practical guide to accessing flow.

The core premise of the program is that flow is a state of complete immersion and energized focus, where we are fully involved in an activity and performing at our highest levels. Meloncelli argues that flow is the secret to excellence, and that anyone can cultivate it with the right mindset and techniques.


Throughout the program, Meloncelli shares strategies for setting clear goals, matching challenges to your skills, developing laser-like focus and motivation, and pushing past your limits. He emphasizes the importance of letting go of distractions and self-judgment in order to fully immerse yourself in the task at hand.

Some highlights include how to transform anxiety into excited anticipation, harness flow for learning new skills rapidly, and bring more creativity into flow states. Meloncelli also provides sample training schedules for incorporating flow practices into your day.

While the program covers some esoteric topics like consciousness and the concept of being “in the zone,” Meloncelli manages to ground these ideas in practical application. His writing style is approachable and engaging.

Overall, Flow State is an excellent introduction to achieving peak performance through the psychology of flow. Meloncelli convincingly outlines methods for accessing flow while also instilling the motivation to actively pursue it. Anyone looking to perform at their best would find this book invaluable.

Pros and Cons

While Meloncelli’s program ‘Flow State’ does not provide a step-by-step how-to manual, it successfully imparts the mindsets and principles critical for achieving flow. Meloncelli chooses to focus on the individual cultivation of flow rather than organizational constraints, empowering readers to take control of their performance. Though direct scientific citations are minimal, Meloncelli adeptly synthesizes years of research on flow theory into an accessible and engaging read.

The program’s examples of elite performers fully illustrate what total immersion looks like and inspire readers to pursue the same single-minded focus and motivation. Meloncelli covers a wide gamut of techniques because flow is complex and personal; readers can choose those resonate with them. Though longtime researchers may find familiar concepts, Meloncelli repackages these ideas in a fresh, energetic style combined with his own insights from working with top athletes.

Brings flow theory to life

While some may desire more tangible exercises, Meloncelli provides the overarching principles and mindsets to internalize first before readers can practice generating flow through their chosen activities. The book excels at conveying the psychology of flow and connecting it to peak performance. Readers already equipped with flow fundamentals will find their motivation and excitement renewed by Meloncelli’s passion on the subject. Overall, ‘Flow State’ brings flow theory to life in an inspiring, accessible way for individuals seeking to optimize performance.

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